Hiking Poggio del Sasso Ritto

From Giglio Porto to the beaches Arenella and Caldane

Hiking Trail n. 23: Giglio Porto to the Beaches Cannelle and Caldane

From Giglio Porto take the road to the Castello and turn left after two hundred meters towards Cannelle. After a short climb you already have a beautiful view of the bay where the two beaches are located. Right at the beginning there is a short descent on the left side to Cala Smeralda bay. To Cannelle follow the paved road, which initially rises slightly and then slowly drops to the beach of Cannelle. Arriving at the parking lot of the houses, you go down to the left to the beach.

To continue to Caldane beach, remain in the back of the houses and at the end of the car park take a dirt road for a few meters. At the end of this street, at the small harbor, you can also park your car if you drive the first part

On the right you will find signs for Caldane. You go up a short ramp and then follow a paved road for a good two hundred meters to the actual beginning of the trail 23. After only a few meters you can turn again to the Punta di Capo Marino. To the sandy beach of Caldane, however, follow the path that follows the coastline, for another 15 minutes.

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Hiking Map Giglio

Hiking Map Giglio

Trail n. 23

From Cannelle to Caldane

  • Length: 1 km
  • Journey time: 00:20 h
  • Highest Point: 40 m
  • Lowest Point: 1 m
  • Altitude:
  • Difficulty: low

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