View of the old lighthouse

Getting Around Giglio Island

The island of Giglio has only about 22 kilometers of roads connecting the three villages: From Porto you climb up to Castello (400 metres of altitude) and just before you go down to Campese beach. There is also a road from Castello which almost reaches the southernmost point of the island.

Winding, they pass through the typical landscape of the island, the macchia, interrupted only by granite rocks, pine forests and vineyards. Along the entire route you can enjoy beautiful views of the coast and the Tuscan Archipelago.

There is a bus service on the island that connects regularly the three villages. You will also find taxis and scooter, bike and car rentals. Alternatively you can also move "via mare" using the water-taxi service.

Own car

If you bring your own car to the island, we recommend that you book the place on the ferry in advance, especially on weekends, public holidays or during the months of July and August.

If you arrive with a vehicle with an Italian license plate in August, you must obtain an Autocertificazione (self-certificate that you stay more than 5 days on Giglio): PDF Autocertifcazione »


Bus auf der Insel Giglio

The three villages Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Campese are well connected with the bus line Giglio Porto-Castello-Campese. The busses stop also at Monticello (for the Arenella beach) and at the camping in Campese. Tickets can be purchased in bars and shops showing the Tiemme sign, at the ticket office in Giglio Porto and on the busses (the latter with surcharge).

Bus Timetable

Bus Timetable Giglio Island


Tickets can be bought in the Tiemme ticket office (Via Umberto I, 27, Giglio Porto) or in bars and shops showing the Tiemme sign.

For the Timetable check also the Tiemme App or the » timetable on line

Autobus Tiemme

Logo Tiemme

Autobus di Linea Tiemme SPA
Via Umberto I, 27, Giglio Porto
T: +39 0564 804061

Prices Tickets

Single fare € 2,00
Single fare on the bus € 3,00
Seven day pass € 23,50
Monthly pass € 46,50


Taxi Giglio Island

The fleet of taxis on Gilio Island consists of 4 taxi minivans (1-8 people). The prices are fixed fares. The taxi do not operate 24 hours, best double check with the driver if you can be picked up in the late evening or early morning and always book in advanced.

Shuttle Service Campese

Minivan Bagno Delfino

Free shuttle service from Giglio Porto or any other locations on the island with booking of two sunbeds and an umbrella at our Bagno Delfino in Campese: EUR 21 (EUR 24 first row) Reservation:
Donatella Tel. +39 338 8220438

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Contacts Taxi Driver

Ansaldo Andrea Tel.: +39 340 8732865
Blanco Antonio Tel.: +39 347 1941888
Brizzi Ottavio Tel.: +39 338 9706950
Pini Adriano Tel.: +39 330 731424

Fixed Fares Taxi

Porto - Cannelle 8 € up to 4 Passengers, each person extra 2,00 €
Porto - Arenella 10 € up to 4 Passengers, each person extra 2,50 €
Porto - Campese 18 € up to 4 Passengers, each person extra 3,50 €
Porto - Castello 15 € up to 4 Passengers, each person extra 3,00 €
Castello - Campese 18 € up to 4 Passengers, each person extra 3,50 €
Porto - Capel Rosso 25 € up to 4 Passengers, each person extra 6,00 €

Car, Scooter and Bike Rental

Scooter with view of the bay of Campese

If you are not traveling by car, you can rent one in Giglio Porto. But the easiest and most entertaining way to discover the island is by scooter or e-bike. You can always stop on the picturesque streets to enjoy the view and take some pictures. And you do not have the problem of finding a parking spot.

E-Bike Rental Giglio Porto
E-Bike Rental Ecorent, Giglio Porto
E-Bike Rental in Giglio Porto
Francesco Tel.: +39 349 1614258
Laura Tel.: +39 377 4525708
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E-Bike Rental Giglio Campese Giglio Marine Services

E-Bike Rental Giglio Marine Services Giglio Campese
Per ammirare l'Isola del Giglio da un'altra prospettiva Giglio Marine Services offre il noleggio di 7 bici con pedalata assistita a Giglio Campese…
Tel.: +39 347 5904419 | email | website

Scooter Rental Giglio Multiserivizi Porto
Scooter Rental GMS Giglio Porto
Giglio Mare located in Giglio Porto offers various scooter models 102cc/125cc to discover the island…
Tel.: +39 0564 809056 / +39 335 6093627 | email | website
Scooter and Car Rental Giglio Porto
Scooter Rental Noleggio Andrea Giglio Porto
Andrea Scooter Rental is located in Giglo Porto and offers 13 scooters Piaggio Zip 100CC for rental…
Tel.: +39 348 8593041 | email | website
Scooter Rental Gira Giglio Giglio Porto
Rental of scooters Honda SH Mode 125 cc, powerful and agile, ideal for short climbs on the island Giglio, automatic transmission&…
Nicolò Tel.:+39 331 9407641 | website
Car Rental Adriano Pini Tel.: +39 347 1941888


Taxi Boat and Boatman

Taxi Boat Caldane Beach

Taxi Boat - Beach Shuttle - Beach Taxi - Boatman

A beautiful alternative to move on the island of Giglio is by sea. The taxi boats leave from Giglio Porto and Campese for the main beaches and the most beautiful coves of the island: from Giglio Porto to the beaches of the Cannelle and Caldane or on the rocks in an isolated cove, from Giglio Campese taxi boats leave instead for the beaches behind the promontory of the Franco (behind the cliff) or take you on the rocks in the bay.
Opening times during the high season: daily from 8 am to 7 pm. The cost is about 10€ / person (round trip) for the beaches and 25€ / person for the round-island trip which takes about 2 hours.

Taxi Boat - Giglio Porto

Taxi Boat Box Giallo Alberto

Taxi Boat - Yellow Box Giglio Porto
Shuttle service from the Giglio Porto beaches to the Caldane and Cannelle beaches or other coves. You will find us adjacent to the ferry dock at the box giallo
Alberto tel.: +39 335 5616623

Taxi Boat - Giglio Campese

Beach Shuttle Service La Perla Nera Giglio Campese

Beach Shuttle Service La Perla Nera, Giglio Campese
Shuttle service to beaches and around the island from Campese beach. You will find us at the small harbor in front of the Torre di Campese…
Stefano tel.: +39 327 4433986 

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Round-Island Trip

Coast southern tip Capel Rosso Isola del Giglio

A boat trip to discover the hidden coves and beaches inaccessible from the ground is an experience that should not be missed during a holiday on Giglio island. Most of the coastline is inhabited and only a few spots can be reached on foot. Taking a solitary bath in one of these coves is a truly unforgettable experience…

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Sailing boat trips Giglio

Giglio Marine Services Sailing Trips Giglio

Boat Rental Giglio Island

Rented Boat in the Bay of Cannelle

Boat rental without Skipper

To enjoy the shores of Isola del Giglio in complete tranquility and make all the stops you want you can also rent a boat without a skipper. Almost all the boats to charter on the Island of Giglio do not need a boat license and are easy to steer. You can hire a boat from half a day onwards. In the high season we reccomend to book a boat ahead of time.

Boat Rental - Giglio Porto

Boat Hire Giglio Porto Relaxing Boat

Relaxing Boat, Giglio Porto
Boat rental in Giglio Porto: Rent your boat - you do not need a nautgic license - and then set off to discover the island of Giglio with its beautiful secluded coves…
Lorenzo tel.: +39 340 3925109 

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Boat Hire Giglio Porto PAK

Noleggio PAK, Giglio Porto
We offer the rental of various types of boats from 5 to 8 pax up to 40 hp without any need for a license. You will find us at the blue box directly at the ferry landing…
Francesco tel.: +39 334 2606957

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Boat Hire Giglio Porto Gira Giglio

Gira Giglio, Giglio Porto
We offer the rental of 6 boats all of the same type without any need of a boating license. You will find us at the yellow box directly at the ferry landing…
Giuliano tel.: +39 393 2020993 

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Boat Rental - Giglio Campese

Boat Rental La Perla Nera Giglio Campese

La Perla Nera, Giglio Campese
Boat rental in Giglio Campese with a large selection of boats with or without skipper, taxi boat service, island tour, water games…
Stefano tel.: +39 327 4433986 

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Boat Rental Giglio Campese Azzurra Nautica

Giglio Marine Services, Giglio Campese
Boat rental in Giglio Campese with or without skipper, island round trips and trips to the Giannutri island …
tel. +39 347 5904419 

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Most lidos offer also boat rentals and water taxi services…Find out more »


Boating License

The vast majority of charter boats, both motor boats and dinghies, can be driven without a license. You must be 16 years of age to assume the command and the engine power must be max 40 hp.

Marine Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast Giglio »

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