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Limitations to Disembarkation

Limitations influx and circulation of vehicles

Limitations to cars and motorbikes disembarkation in the summer period on Giglio Island

To bring a car or motorbike (with an Italian license plate) to the island of Giglio during the month of August (the central weeks) it is mandatory to stay at least 5 days (4 nights) and to fill in a self-certification, to be shown upon disembarkation and to be kept inside the vehicle for the entire period of stay.  For caravans and motor caravans whose owners will stay with their vehicle in the only existing campsite on the island, a four-day stay on the island is sufficient. The aforementioned authorization is not required if the vehicle has a foreign number plate or if it has the disabled badge.


Limitations 2024

From 5 to 25 August 2024, the limitation on the disembarkation and circulation of motor vehicles on the island of Giglio comes into force.

During the period in which the bans are in force, owners must present, upon disembarkation on the island and at the request of the control bodies, a self-certification, to be kept inside the vehicle for the entire period of their stay, which must include the vehicle’s data (number plate and holder), the declarant’s data (personal details, address and tax code) and the data of the accommodation provider (name of establishment, location and period of stay), as well as the dates of arrival and departure.


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