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Villages and Locations on Giglio

Villages on Giglio Island

On the small island of Giglio you will find three charming villages that are very different from each other
The population of the island of Giglio is concentrated in three towns: Giglio Porto, a small picturesque port where you arrive by ferry, Giglio Castello on top of a mountain with its medieval fortification, and Giglio Campese on the west coast, a settlement which begun with the tourism thanks to the largest beach on the island. You will also find small settlements close to the beaches of Arenella and Cannelle.  Also the island of Giannutri is part of the municipality of the island of Giglio.
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Giglio Porto

Giglio Porto is located on the east coast of the island of Giglio and welcomes you to the island as it is the only harbour where the ferries arrive from Porto Santo Stefano. The small and picturesque port, with its multicolored houses and its crystal waters – an absolute rarity for port areas is a charming village with cobbled streets blending history with excellent restaurants and local shops. It is home to many bars, ice cream parlors, eateries and hotels, the tourist information centre, banks and car, scooter and bike rentals and small boats that can take you to various beaches and coves.. On the left of the port you can visit the Torre del Saraceno, a beautiful watchtower dating back to the 16th century. Continuing on, you will find the tiny cove of the Saraceno, with the remains of the walls of a cetaria of a Roman villa. On the other side, close to the green pier, there is instead a small beach, the Scallettino. Giglio Porto is the starting point for discovering the island both by land and by sea…

Giglio Castello

The suggestive village of Giglio Castello stands on the heights of the Island of Giglio and is an ancient medieval village, whose atmosphere has remained intact over time. Erected by the Pisans in the twelfth century, several times expanded and restored by the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, it is surrounded by imposing walls dominated by the Rocca Aldobrandesca (IT). The narrow streets, often surmounted by arches, and the beautiful panoramic views over the entire Tuscan Archipelago make Giglio Castello a suggestive destination, with a unique charm. To visit the Church of San Pietro Apostolo inside you can admire various finds, including the ulna of the right arm of San Mamiliano. It should also be noted that many downhill paths start from the Castle to reach the other locations and the panoramic road towards the southern tip. Giglio Castello is Municipal headquarters and you will find many restaurants open even outside the summer season, small restaurants and shops as well as various services including post office, clinic and pharmacy.


Giglio Campese

Giglio Campese is a small settlement located on the west coast of the Island of Giglio. Overlooking the bay of the same name you can enjoy from the large beach (IT) – the biggest beach the island – spectacular sunsets. On limpid days it is possible to see Montecristo island, Elba and Corsica on the horizont. It has had a rather tourist development around its beach where you will find all the necessary services for a pleasant stay: lidos, diving centers, boat rentals, restaurants and bars directly on the beach…

Cannelle and Arenella Beach

Behind the smaller beaches of Cannelle and Arenella you will find small tourist developments with villas and holiday homes to rent. There are no shops, but on the beach you will find a bar and sunbed with umbrella rental.


Isola di Giannutri

The small Island of Giannutri with its distinctive half-moon shape is part of the municipality of the Isola del Giglio. It is the southernmost island of the Tuscan Archipelago (IT) and is located about 8 miles southeast of Giglio island and about 6 miles southwest of the peninsula Monte Argentario.

About 3 kilometers long and a little more than 500 meters wide, it has a jagged and rocky coast with one tiny beach located in the Cala Maestra cove.

The Island is best known for the archaeological site the impressive Villa Romana which can be visited with a guide.


It is an island largely privately owned with houses scattered in the Mediterranean scrub without great tourist facilities. As a protected national park aera it is not allow to do trekking without a permit or park guide.




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