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Getting Around on Giglio

How to get around on the island of Giglio​

Buses, Taxis, Car - Scooter - Bike and Boat Rentals on Giglio Island

The island of Giglio offers about 22 kilometers of roads that connect the three main towns and the southern tip of the island. They are almost totally surrounded by natural spaces, pine forests and vineyards, overlooking the sea and offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and the Tuscan Archipelago along the entire route.

On the island there is a bus service that regularly connects the three countries. There are ncc taxi services, car, scooter and bike rentals and alternatively you can also move by sea by renting a boat or taxi-boat service.

For those who want to bring the car to the island it is absolutely recommended to book the ferry before, especially if you arrive or leave on the weekend, during a holiday or in the period of July and August. Remember that in August you need a self-certification for the circulation of your vehicle at the Giglio if you have an italian number plate.

A petrol station is located in Giglio Porto and on the road to Giglio Castello at the junction with the Arenella.


Gasoline Distributors and Electric Column

Benzinaio - Stazione di Servizio - Q8 a Giglio Porto, Isola del Giglio

On the island you will find two petrol stations, one in Giglio Porto next to the ferry pier (also to refuel boats), and the other on the road that goes up from Giglio Porto to Giglio Castello at the junction for the Arenella. The cost per liter is usually 20-40 cents higher than on land.

Charging Station

For the moment (spring 2024) there is only one column to charge electric cars at the Hotel L’Arenella – for costs (about EUR 50) and availability please contact the hotel in advance: Tel: +39 0564 809340

Giglio by Bike

Not just sea, sun and beaches, Isola del Giglio is also a small paradise for cyclists. It is a great way to combine sport with a visit to the small Giglio Island, to observe the landscape and aspects of nature. With its only 21.1 km2 of extension it presents considerable reliefs and ...

Giglio Trekking

A 90% still uncontaminated and wild territory invites you to venture along the many trekking paths and discover an island away from the tourist flows with spectacular panoramic views of the Tuscan Archipelago and immersed in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub...

Boat Round-Trip

The coasts of the Isola del Giglio have a development of less than 28 km and are ideal for being circumnavigated. A tour of the Giglio Island by boat to discover hidden coves and beaches is truly an experience that should not be missed during a holiday at Giglio ...


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