accomodation on giglio island

Camping on Giglio Island

camping on the coast of Tuscany

On the small island of Giglio you will find only one campsite on the west coast near the Campese beach, the Campeggio Baia del Sole. Wild camping in any form is not permitted on Giglio island, neither in public nor in private areas.

Discipline of the camping activity in the municipal area of Isola del Giglio

Ordinance N ° 4 of 02/04/2008

Municipality of Isola del Giglio
Provence of Grosseto
Municipal Police

  1. No parking for motorhomes, caravans and the like in public areas, throughout the municipal area for free camping activities
  2. Wild camping is prohibited for motorhomes, caravans, tents and similar on public and private areas throughout the municipality with the exception of areas authorized for camping.
  3. The situation of camping of Motorhomes, caravans and similare has to be considered in circumstances such as
    • use of parking feet of motorhomes
    • opening of windows, doors, steps and veranda
    • outdoor positioning of tendons, chairs and umbrellas.



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