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Bus Service on Giglio Island

Getting around the island of Giglio by bus: Routes, Bus Stops, Timetables and Tickets

To move around the island of Giglio there is an efficient local public bus service that covers the entire territory of the island. Active throughout the year, the scheduled buses guarantee constant connections, and mostly coinciding with the arrival and departure of the ferries, with the three main villages of Giglio: Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. In the summer months from June to September the service is intensified with additional buses and night connections. An excellent service that will allow you to visit the Giglio in complete tranquility even without boarding your car.


Giglio Island Bus Timetable

Timetable of the AT bus lines that regularly connect the 3 main towns with the port: Giglio PortoGiglio CastelloGiglio Campese line.

Orari Linee Autobus Isola del Giglio Porto - Castello - Campese a/r

Route and Bus Stops Giglio Island

Percorso e Fermate Autobus all'Isola del Giglio Linee Porto - Castello - Campese
A few meters from the ferry landing in Giglio Porto, buses leave for Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. In the evening and outside the high season the bus stop moves directly to the ferry pier.

The bus first goes up to Giglio Castello (14 min.) And then gets off at Giglio Campese (total 27 min.) And then returns to the port via Giglio Castello. During the high season there may be additional buses that go from the Port directly to Campese.

The Cannelle and Arenella beaches are not connected. To reach the Arenella beach you can buy a ticket only for the climb up to Monticello and then walk down. For the Cannelle beach, on the other hand, you can take a taxi, a taxi-boat or walk (20 min.).

Tickets, Fares and Company Contacts

Ticket offices

Tickets can be purchased at the tabacconist  in Giglio Porto (once landed, turn left on the promenade for about twenty meters) or at the bakery in Piazza G. Rum where the bus leaves or alternatively at the Stefanini Tabaccaio in Giglio Castello (Piazza Gloriosa).

Bus Fares

ExtraUrbane Fares Giglio Island
Biglietto corsa semplice€ 2,20
Bigliettto SMS€ 2,50
Biglietto a bordo€ 3,30
Abbonamento settimanale€ 26
Abbonamento mensile€ 51,40
Abbonamento trimestrale€ 139,30
Abbonamento annuale€ 488,80
Abbonamento annuale studenti€ 440,10


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Getting Around Giglio

The island of Giglio offers about 22 kilometers of roads that connect the three main towns and the southern tip of the island. You can take advantage of a pubblic bus service that regularly connects the three villages Giglio Porto – Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. There are Taxi services (NCC – Rental with Driver), car, scooter and bike rentals and alternatively you can move by sea by renting a boat or taxi-boat service:

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