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Where to Eat on Giglio Island


Restaurants and Pizzerias on Giglio Island

Wonderful places and dishes of the excellent Tuscan cuisine

In the restaurants on Giglio Island you can taste the excellence of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition with typical dishes of land and sea, in a truly unique atmosphere.

Most restaurants are located in Giglio Porto and Giglio Castello. While at Giglio Porto you will breath a sea air with restaurants directly overlooking the picturesque port (some built on stilts) in Giglio Castello, with its narrow alleys and medieval walls you enter a context where you could forget to be on an island despite the wonderful views that you enjoy towards the Tuscan Archipelago. In Giglio Campese instead the restaurants are situated close to the sandy beach.

We Recommend: During the high season all restaurants are crowded in the evening and it’s advisable to book a table well in advance (the day before).


Complete list of Restaurants on Giglio

Telephone numbers of the restaurants and pizzerias in Giglio, listed in alphabetical order, for table reservations. Clicking on the link of the name opens the dedicated page of the restaurant or pizzeria with many pictures, description, contacts  and much more.

Restaurants in Giglio Porto, Cannelle and Arenella

Ristorante Doria a Giglio Porto, Isola del Giglio


Located directly on the sea of the marina, the Doria offers refined fish dishes accompanied by wines…

Piatto di Pesce, Ristorante La Grotta del Pescatore a Giglio Porto, Isola del Giglio

La Grotta del Pescatore

Small restaurant in which the fisherman chef Giovanni offers refined but also traditional dishes based on …

Sala con vista portoicciolo la sera Ristorante da Meino Isola del Giglio Porto

Da Meino

Trattoria da Meino offers Tuscan cuisine based on fish with raw fish specialties…

Terrazza con vista Giglio Porto Ristorante La Guardia Hotel, Isola del Giglio

Terrazza La Guardia

On the splendid terrace of the La Guardia hotel you can taste sea and land dishes inspired by…

Ristorante Pizzeria L'Archetto, Giglio Porto


At the L’Archetto restaurant you can taste excellent fish cuisine, pizza and many other specialties…

Ristorante La Margherita a Giglio Porto, Isola del Giglio

La Margherita

Traditional restaurant managed in the second generation that offers excellent Tuscan cuisine based on fish…

Tavoli esterni sulla passeggiata Ristorante Porta Via a Giglio Porto, Isola del Giglio

Porta Via

Restaurant on the harbor promenade offering pizzas, first courses, fried fish, salads or takeaway Poke…also Take Away

Cannelle on the Beach

In a unique location, directly on the beach, the restaurant offers a rich buffet for lunch …

Restaurants in Giglio Castello

Terrazza con vista baia di Giglio Campese Ristorante da Santi a Giglio Castello, Isola del Giglio

Da Santi

In new management since 2020 the restaurant da Santi has kept the high level of a traditional Gigliesie cuisine with …

Sala primo piano Ristorante da Maria a Giglio Castello, Isola del Giglio

Da Maria

Historic restaurant on the island of Giglio, open all year round, offers traditional Tuscan cuisine based on …

Pizzeria Giglio a Giglio Castello, Isola del Giglio

Pizzeria Giglio

Pizzeria and restaurant  in the charming village of the Castle with excellent pizzas and local dishes ….

Restaurants in Giglio Campese

Da Tony

With a beautiful view of the tower and the small port of Campese, Da Tony is a must for everyone …

Verranda del ristorante La Miniera a Giglio Campese, Isola del Giglio

La Miniera

La Miniera, bar, restaurant and pizzeria, with a large terrace overlooking the sea, offers excellent dishes …

Piatto dello stabilimento Lo Scoglio on the beach giglio campese, isola del giglio

Lo Scoglio

The bistro of the lido “Stabilimento Lo Scoglio” offers excellent fish dishes, rich salads, hamburger…

Ristorante Hotel Campese, Giglio Campese, Isola del Giglio

Hotel Campese

Directly overlooking the sea, the hotel restaurant is also open to external guests by reservation …


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Local Wine

piccolo vigneto a picco sul mare all'Isola del Giglio

On Giglio island a very good (but also very strong) Ansonaco wine is produced. It is grown on the tiny terraces overlooking the sea since ancient times. It is produced with a 90% of native Ansonica grapes to which a 10% of Biancone, Moscatello, Malvasia and Procanico are added.

While production on Giglio was once very abundant and there was a thriving export, with the arrival of tourism both, agriculture and viticulture was nearly completely abandoned and in the 80s only very few people took care of their small vineyards exclusively for their needs. In the last two decades many vineyards were recoverd and we can enjoy today an excellent local wine.


Panficato is a traditional dessert of the island. It is a sweet loaf, quite soft and with a characteristic brown color, made from figs and walnuts, but also honey, wine and dried grapes. It's a winter dessert ...

Spring Water

The tab water on the Isola del Giglio is supplied by the desalination plants so, although it is drinkable (when filtered), you usually buy bottled drinking water. A good alternative is the fountain in giglio (Sorgente Acqua Selvaggia) which is located in Giglio Castello (before arriving at the central square on the right where there is an indication for the parking and where the old wash houses are located).