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Useful Information Giglio Island

Useful Information and Numbers

Tips and useful information for a realxing holiday on the island of Giglio

All the information you need for your trip to Giglio Island: tips and useful numbers as well as emergency information for all cases.


Some useful tips for planning your holiday on Giglio Island​

    For those who want to take the car to the island, it is recommended to book the place for the car on the ferry in advance especially if you arrive or leave on the weekend, during a holiday or in the period from mid-June and mid September. The same is valid alos for the return on Sunday afternoon also for passengers only.
    In the three central weeks of August the access of the island for vehicles is restricted if you have an italian number plate. You need to stay at least for 4 nights on Giglio and have to fill out out a self-certification:  Autocertificazione PDF.
    Any free camping with tents or campers is prohibited throughout the Giglio territory. Camping is only allowed at the Giglio Campese campsite.
  • FIRE
    Because of the immanent danger of fire, it is strictly forbidden to light fires.
    The code for Giglio is 0564 from Italy and +39 0564 internationally. Mobile networks works well on the eastern coast while there is no network on the south-west coast.
    The tap water of the Giglio comes from a desalination plant located on the road to the Cannelle beach. When not filtered it is used usually only for cooking. There are two fountains in Giglio Castello from the Selvaggia spring and in Giglio Porto from the S. Giorgio spring where you can get free trinking water.
    The protected areas of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park on Giglio are exclusively land in the southern part of the island. No stretch of the sea is protected, so it is allowed to navigate, anchor, stop, dive and fish on the entire coast.
    When visiting Giglio with your dog please note that   during the summer months the 4 main beaches Campese, Cannelle, Arenella and Caldane are restricted. However almost all lidos (stabilimenti balneari) accept dogs.


Emergency Numbers

Emergenza Generale118
Emergenza in Mare1530
Vigili del Fuoco115
Polizia Municipale (Porto)0564 809232

Carabinieri (Castello)0564 807003
Guardia di Finanza0564 809395
Guardia Medica - Giglio Porto0564 809116
Guardia Medica - Giglio Castello0564 806068
Guardia Medica - Campese0564 804177
Farmacia (Porto)0564 808120
Orario Estivo: Lun-Dom: 9-13 e 16-20
Farmacia (Castello)0564 1835971

Orario Estivo: Lun-Sab: 10-13 e 17.30-20
Medico VeterinarioDott.ssa Ilaria Russi
348 6720268


Useful Numbers

Pro Loco
Isola del Giglio
Via Provinciale 9, Giglio Porto
0564 809400
Orario Marzo - Ottobre
tutti i giorni, dalle 9:00 alle 13:00 e dalle 14:00 alle 18:00
Orario Novembre - Febbraio
Lunedì, Mercoledì e Sabato dalle 9:00 alle 13:00
Info Park
Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano
Casa del Parco presso la Pro Loco a Giglio Porto e
Via Roma 35, Giglio Castello
377 1842628
Guida Parco Marina Aldi
Comune Isola del Giglio 0564 806064
Chiese del GiglioOrari e Contatti
Traghetti - MaregiglioPorto St. Stefano 0564 812920
Giglio Porto 0564 809309
Traghetti - ToremarPorto St. Stefano 0564 810803
Giglio Porto 0564 809349
Ormeggiatori Giglio Porto 338-8191555
Taxi NCC - Andrea Ansaldo 340 8732865
Taxi NCC - Antonio Blanco 347 1941888
Taxi NCC - Ottavio Brizzi 338 9706950


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