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Where to Stay on the Island


Where to Stay on Giglio

Guide and tips on where to book your accomodation

For anyone planning a holiday on the island of Giglio, one of the most important question is: “Where to stay on the island?” In almost all towns there are almost all accommodation types for the most diverse holiday wishes: whether hotel, bed & breakfast, holiday home, holiday apartment, private room. The most important towns are the port of Giglio Porto, the pulsating heart of the island, where you arrive by ferry, the main town of Giglio Castello, which sits enthroned on the hill with its medieval city walls, and the seaside resort of Giglio Campese, in the bay of the same name on the west coast known for its sunsets. There are also smaller settlements on the beaches of Arenella and Cannelle on the east coast, as well as Mediterranean villas scattered in the maquis.

Giglioinfo Recommends: Given the small size of the island, perhaps the choice of where to stay is not so important. Wherever you sleep you will have the opportunity to visit the entire island. Below you will find a brief description of all locations.


Where to Stay on Giglio Island?

Stay in Giglio Porto

Veduta Giglio Porto, Isola del Giglio

With its low and colorful houses, Giglio Porto has preserved the atmosphere of an ancient fishing village. It is the busiest village in Giglio, not only for the arrival and departure of the ferries, but also for the presence of numerous shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants. Here you will find the main services of the island, including the tourist information office, banks, post office,  car, scooter, bike or boat rentals.
In the evening, with the departure of the last ferry, the harbour becomes a quiet place that invites you to relaxing strolls between the two piers or a  romanti dinner in one of the numerous restaurants on the water.
For swimming there is the Scalettino beach, a lovely sandy beach located at the end of the promenade of the “green pier” or the cove of the Saraceno. Alternatively, you can move to the nearby Cannelle beach, which can also be reached on foot in 20 minutes.

Stay in Giglio Castello​

Veduta Giglio Castello, Isola del Giglio

The Giglio Castello village is located on top of one of the highest hills on the island, 405 meters above sea level. It is an ancient village that has preserved its medieval charm intact and from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire Tuscan Archipelago. It is the main settlement and the municipal seat of the island, but at the same time it is very quiet. In the “Paese”, as it is traditionally called by the island’s elders, you will find groceries, small shops, bars and restaurants. The castello is an excellent starting point to reach any beach or to venture on one of the many paths that wind around the island. Without forgetting that in summer you can enjoy a cooler and more ventilated climate (and there are no mosquitoes) …


Stay in Giglio Campese​

Isola del Giglio Campese Spiaggia con Torre

Giglio Campese is the main and most recent tourist settlement on the island. Here you will not find a historic center, however, its enviable position along the largest beach on the island, where wonderful sunsets can be enjoyed every evening, is its strong point. You will find various bathing establishments and boat rentals, any type of accommodation, restaurants and bars, and a smaller supermarket… …

Stay in Cannelle or Arenella​

Spiaggia dell'Arenella, Isola del Giglio

Lovers of peace and tranquility will certainly not disdain the two small tourist settlements at the Arenella or Cannelle bays. They are both located on the eastern side of the island, around the beautiful beaches of the same name, north and south of Giglio Porto. Here you won’t find shops ora anything else (apart from a bar restaurant on the beach) “but only” sea, sun and relax …


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