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Scooter Rental in Giglio Porto, Giglio Island

We rent scooters, powerful and agile, ideal for short climbs on the island of Giglio and easy to drive  without gears. The fashionable scooter, the most popular, alone or in company with its powerful engine and at the same time silent and with low consumption, it will accompany you through the streets of Giglio Island.

Feel the scent of unspoiled nature, a transparent sea that kisses beaches of very fine golden sand, the heroic town of Giglio Castello the ancient village, visiting it will make you breathe ancient sensations, from its walls you can observe the whole island, visit the area of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, a protected area queen of biodiversity, get to the southernmost tip and take a bath in the cove of great beauty at the Capel Rosso lighthouse and enjoy the infinite blue horizon, you can rent it for a week , for a few days, or for half a day and even for a few hours, free to choose, because Giragiglio means the island in freedom.

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You will find us in Giglio Port close to the ferry pier.

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Logo Giragiglio Rent Noleggio Barche Scooter Isola del Giglio
To book your scooter or for futher information, please contact us by phone or whatsapp.

by Giuliano Mattera

  • Tutti i giorni dalle 8 alle 19
  • Noleggio scooter intera giornata: dalle ore 09:00 alle 19:00
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