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Giglio by own Boat

Getting to Giglio by Own Boat and Mooring

boat holidays in the Tuscan Archipelago
With your own boat, the holidays already begin on the journey to the crystal clear waters of the Isola del Giglio. The Tuscan Archipelago offers wonderful landscapes and the boat is a great way to explore the two islands of Giglio and Giannutri.


Mooring in Marina Giglio Porto

Tips and useful information for safe mooring​

For boaters the only safe mooring is that of Giglio Porto. However, the only port on the island of Giglio has only a very limited number of berths on the quay.

For larger boats (the length must not exceed 25 meters) it has about 13 places at the red pier (grand ducal pier) for the night only. During the day, the seats must be vacated as they are used by the cruise ships.

Services for the boats that anchor in the harbour of Giglio is  a petrol station. Only for small boats with little draft can they supply water and electricity to the floating piers in zone B2.

Mappa Giglio Porto per Ormeggio

Giglio Porto, the only port on the island, can accommodate up to 196 boats.

Guardia Costiera Logo

Guardia Costiera - Coast Guard

Local Maritime Office of Giglio Island – Porto Autorities

Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday 9 am  to 12 pm; Tuesday and Thursday 3 pm to 4.30 pm.

Veduta Baia delle Cannelle con Barche

Anchoring in the bays

Since the port of the island can only accommodate a very limited number of boats, almost all boats seek shelter in one of the largest coves depending on the wind:

In case of north wind, tramontana, Cala delle Cannelle (south of the port on the east coast) and Cala dell’Allume (on the west coast) are recommended for anchoring.

The large bay of Campese and cala dell’Arenella are instead protected from the south wind, sirocco, and therefore ideal when the wind blows from the south.

Maps of Giglio

Tourist maps of Giglio with places of interest, beaches and trekking routes..

FAQ and Definitions

Anchorage = maneuver that secures the vessel to the seabed by means of an anchor in a bay or roadstead


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