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Travelling by Ferry​

Ferry connections to Giannutri Island​

Visit Giannutri island with the regular ferry service from Porto Santo Stefano​
The island of Giannutri is also easily accessible with the regular ferry service from Porto Santo Stefano. The crossing to Giannutri, with a return journey on the same day, takes around one hour. In high season, there is a scheduled service almost every day, but only two per week in winter. All ferry connections are operated by the Maregiglio shipping company, including the minimum year-round connection required by law (every Wednesday and Saturday) on behalf of Toremar.

Ferry timetable to Giannutri Island

We take no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in the information on ferry or motorboat timetables to/from Giannutri Island. Please always check the information provided with the online ferry booking system.

Ticket prices for Giannutri 2024

The price of the ferry tickets to the island of Giannutri with Maregiglio is 28.00 return + € 5.50 parking/landing tax per person.
The rates of the ferry tickets for the all-year statutory minimum connections of the A5 Toremar line, operated by Maregiglio every Wednesday and Saturday, are:
PAX*€13,47€ 26,94€€ 14,91€ 29,82€ 15,54€ 31,08
PAX Bambino (4-11 anni)*€ 9,64€ 19,28€ 10,36€ 20,72€ 10,67 € 21,34
PAX Residenti€ 3,88€ 7,76€3,88€ 7,76€ 3,88€ 7,76
PAX Bambino Res (4-11 anni)€ 2,37€ 4,74€2,37€ 4,74€ 2,37€ 4,74
ANIMALI€ 5,67€ 11,34€ 6,10€ 12,20€ 6,36€ 12,72
MERCE per singolo collo, da 0-50Kg€ 4,68€ 5,11€ 5,32
*) Per i passeggeri aggiungere sempre € 5.50 (tassa di sbarco + tassa parco)

We accept no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in the ferry fares to Giannutri Island.

Book ferry tickets for Giannutri online

Book your ferry tickets to Giannutri Island online in just a few minutes.

Compare the available ferry times, fares and special offers from the comfort of your own home and secure your place on the ferry. You no longer need to go to the ticket counter, simply show your e-boarding pass on your mobile device in the harbour.

For groups of more than 9 people, please send us a short email with the desired travel date and number of people.

Car and Motorbike

There are no roads on Giannutri and therefore you cannot bring your car or motorbike onto the island. If you travel by car, you can leave it in one of the guarded car parks in Porto S. Stefano:


Anlegestelle in Porto S. Stefano

The landing point for the ferries to the island of Giannutri is located next to the “Giglio Terminal” pier in Piazzale Candi 8 in Porto Santo Stefano.

The ticket counters of the two shipping companies Toremar and Maregiglio are located opposite the landing stage on the other side of the street, at Piazzale Facchinetti 6/7 (100 metres/2 minutes).

If you are travelling by car, it is best to park in one of the guarded long-term car parks in Porto Santo Stefano.

We recommend that you arrive at the landing stage at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Terminal and Ticket counters P.S. Stefano

Webcam landing stage P.S. Stefano

Webcam Porto Santo Stefano - Monte Argentario | SkylineWebcams

View on Piazzale Candi and the ferry terminal to Giannutri and Giglio islands.

Fleet of the island ferry

The Liner route Porto S. Stefano – Giannutri Island is operated by the shipping company Maregiglio. The ships Dianium, Costa d’Argento and Revenge are used depending on the season and the needs of the island (transport of hazardous goods, domestic waste, vehicles in general, etc.).
M/n Dianium della Compagnia Maregiglio

Ferry Dianium

Maregiglio S.r.l.

The second, smaller ferry from Maregilio, which has been in service since 1989. Built by the Uniti shipyard in Viareggio, it is used to transport passengers and vehicles to Giglio and Giannutri.

  • Tonnage: 198.61 tons
  • Length: 42.5 metres
  • Speed: 14 knots
  • Passengers: 345
  • Vehicles: 12
M/n Revenge della Compagnia Maregiglio

Motor Vessel Revenge

Maregiglio S.r.l.

The modern ship Revenge is used for mini-cruises and events. It has lounges on two decks, a bar and an on-board restaurant.

  • Tonnage: 93.55 tons
  • Length: 39.70 metres
  • Speed: 19.5 knots
  • Passengers: 399
  • Vehicles: –
Nave Mini Crociere Costa d'Argento della Maregiglio

Motor Vessel Costa d'Argento

Maregiglio S.r.l.

The latest ship in the Maregiglio fleet was launched in 2021 at the “Boschetti” shipyard in Cesenatico. It has three decks and is powered by two Boduin engines with 1,500 hp each.

  • Tonnage: 84.37 tonnes
  • Length: 34 metres
  • Speed: 21 knots
  • Passengers: 390
  • Vehicles: –


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