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And off we go: Isola del Giglio

The journey of Simona Bellocci and Benedetto Ferrara continues in the wild soul of the Island of Giglio, from the Capel Rosso lighthouse

Visit Tuscany, 31/07/2021

A lighthouse, its guardian, a poetic and romantic image.
Vineyards overlooking the sea and heroic farmers, where cultivating means protecting the land. An island, its people, the stories of yesterday and those of today, those of the contemporary.
Simona Bellocci and Benedetto Ferrara take us to the island of Giglio, to discover its deepest wild soul but also to get in touch with a population of artists and creatives. Young people who build their future around so much beauty.

The Rebirth of Giglio and Uto Ughi bewitched by its hundred coves

The return of tourists, including foreigners (and turtles) The lantern transformed into a hotel and the medieval village

Marco Gasperetti, Corriere della Sera, 10/08/2020

Same beach, same sea. Yet this time the scene is completely different. Between the sand and rocks of the Scalettino, which sadly became the symbolic place of the Costa Concordia shipwreck…the famous violinist Uto Ughi, who has a house in Giglio Castello, the old part of the island…continue to readon

By the sea in Tuscany: what to do on Giglio Island

Beaches, trekking, panoramas on the second island of the Tuscan archipelago
Fabfrizio Milanesi, Touring Club Italiano, 04/06/2018
A granite cone emerges from the sea. “Il Giglio” is the second island of the archipelago in terms of size and on twenty kilometers or so of surface it shows itself with a jagged and at times truly impervious coast among which you can find sandy bays and leeward inlets where you can enjoy intense days at the sea. But Giglio is not just sea and beaches. Like the whole Tuscan archipelago, the status of National Park has attracted trekking enthusiasts who do not draw relaxing stops between culture and local flavors…continue to read on


From Capri to Pantelleria: the most beautiful islands to visit

Not to miss the best. Not only places and beaches, also places to try. Suggestions for enjoying your holiday in the best possible way. Here are the places most loved by artists and celebrities:

n.a., Corriere della Sera, 14/07/2018

6th place, but no less important, indeed, is the island of Giglio. Characterized by the clarity of its waters, the island is home to several beaches; the Arenella, the Campese and the Cannelle. Colorful and lively, the island of a thousand small shops, where you can go shopping, will know how to win you over. The watchtower and the rooms with terraces overlooking the sea are just some of the characteristics of the place. In the upper part, Giglio Castello, a structure with a medieval soul in which it is possible to observe a breathtaking panorama. Many stairways, alleys and arches that symbolize this part of the island…continue to read (it) >>

7 things to do and see in an all-Italian paradise

Isola del Giglio

n.a., Foxlife, 01/08/2017

Embraced by turquoise or emerald green waters, dominated by an ancient castle and protected by a florid and wild nature, the Isola del Giglio is one of the most enchanting and relaxing Italian destinations.

We take you on holiday to the island of Giglio, located in front of Monte Argentario. Let’s find out together 7 things to do in this small and wonderful destination of the Tuscan Archipelago, which concentrates, in just 21 km of extension, art, culture, history, legend and entertainment. The main attraction of the Isola del Giglio are, of course, its enchanting beaches, coves and cliffs…continue to read (it) >>

Giglio Castello, Isola del Giglio

What to see on Giglio Island

A dream vacation on Giglio Island: things to do and see

n.a., n.a., 2018

If you are looking for a heavenly destination, you don’t necessarily have to travel abroad: on the small island of Giglio, located in front of Monte Argentario, you will find enchanting coves, dreamlike waters, and breathtaking sunsets…continue to read (it)  >>


Isola del Giglio: a shrine in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Four Steps in the Park
Andrea Ferraretto, La Stampa 27/08/2014

The islands are particular places, where it is easier to get caught up in the idea of being in a smaller, more fascinating world full of surprises. The dimensions are such as to immediately grasp the sense of distances.

The Giglio Island is one of these special places, where even walking along a path makes you feel a different air, scented by the sea and flowers: leave the car in Porto Santo Stefano and leave the moorings of the ferry, our journey begins discovering a microcosm. An hour of navigation to get away from the mainland and enter an island that is a treasure trove of biodiversity and history…continue to read (it) >>

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